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Healthy Living

United Way of Franklin County supports programs that raise awareness and build understanding of factors that influence health. Individuals and families adopt a healthier lifestyle by developing habits that lead to long-term wellness.

United Way Healthy Living Programs:


Research shows that people who give back to their communities experience better overall health, greater life satisfaction, fewer hospitalizations, higher self-esteem, and a greater ability to manage their own chronic illnesses. Get involved in the community!

May of Caring

Our annual May of Caring calls to action volunteers to improve quality of life in our community. Spend a day volunteering with us to complete much-needed service projects at local organizations.

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Day of Caring

Day of Caring happens each fall and is an excellent way to connect co-workers, students, neighbors, and friends to civic engagement in our community. Sign up to complete meaningful service projects.

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Funded Programs &
Community News

Learn more about our funded Program Partners addressing healthy living through their work:

Check out recent news related to healthy living on our blog:

Meet Marcus

A true story of how programs promoting healthy lifestyles make a difference.

Marcus is a teen who needs assistance in walking, and has for most of his life. He entered the horseback riding program at the Franklin County 4H Therapeutic Riding Center just over a year ago to try out a new therapy outlet.


The Center serves individuals with special needs ranging from age 4 to over 65 with diagnoses from autism to birth defects to neuro-muscular problems...

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