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Partner Toolkit

We're excited to have you as part of the United Way family!


As a Program Partner of United Way of Franklin County, you are part of a network of nonprofit organizations that work together to strengthen the communities of Franklin County by providing access to basic needs, education, financial stability and health resources.


The power of United Way is in our mission, to mobilize the caring power of our community. We do that by coordinating giving and volunteerism across the community, and by advocating for the needs of the people who live here.


Below are tools to help you spread the collective impact we have on community by collaborating.


If you have any questions about being a Program Partner or your funding, please feel free to reach out to Kimberly at or 717-262-0015 ext. 202.

  • Program Partner Checklist
    We want it to be as easy as possible for us to partner together as we work united to strengthen our community. That's why we created a simple checklist to help you enhance awareness of your mission and ensure programs, like yours, continue to benefit from United Way support.
  • Important Dates: 2023-24 Calendar
    Gain visibility, network, connect with volunteers, interact with people in need of your services, and more through United Way events. Download our events calendar and save the dates!
  • United Way Logo
    These are the current United Way of Franklin County Program Partner logos. Please only use these logos. TIP: CMYK is for print, and RBG is for digital/online use.
  • Crediting United Way
    As a recipient of funds, we ask for your assistance in acknowledging our important partnership publicly. We are supplying you with instructions and tools to acknowledge the funding you receive, which will help show the link between United Way of Franklin County and the excellent work that you do. Where to use the credit line/logo Any media or type of communication that recognizes other funding sources should also recognize United Way of Franklin County. Printed/promotional materials relevant to the program(s) being funded, such as newsletters, press releases, and educational materials. Online materials, including websites, blogs, and electronically distributed releases. The logo should link to the United Way of Franklin County website, Signage: The United Way logo should be placed at all entrances to program spaces. Appropriate signage will be provided for you. Crediting United Way of Franklin County Credit by using the United Way of Franklin County logo and/or credit line. The logo(s) provided to you must be produced as a unit without alteration. In addition to the use of the United Way of Franklin County logo, funding recipients may also use the following line of text: “This program is supported in part by a grant from United Way of Franklin County.”
  • e-C Impact: Reporting & Applying for Funds
    e-C Impact is United Way's online system for managing its annual investment process and measurable outcomes. Through e-C Impact, agencies can submit applications, provide reports, and share success stories. Before getting started with your funding application or reporting, check out UWFC's Funding Objectives for 2023-2024 to ensure they align with your project. To login to your e-C Impact account, you must use United Way of Franklin County's Access Portal: Can't remember your login? Need to create a login? Need other assistance with your application or reporting? Contact Kimberly Stephens: 717-262-0015 ext. 203
  • Success Stories
    Help us tell your story and share all the good work you are doing with the community! Make sure to include a success story in your e-C Impact Reports. Stories can be powerful. Follow these best practices to make sure your story is strong. The Essence of the Story a CHARACTER who WANTS SOMETHING and EXPERIENCES OBSTACLES in their path The Character Relatable Experiencing authentic emotion Wants something (internal or external) The Story A specific moment that stands apart Specific details A path to success or failure Has a beginning, middle, and end Conclusion Make sure to include how donors made a difference. "Because of you..." "Without you..." Confidentiality Real stories, without real names or images, can still spark an emotional response and empathy in our supporters. It is possible to protect privacy and still share an impactful story. Put together your story to show how your program makes a difference to people's lives in your next report. Ready to share something now? Email Kimberly at
  • Connect with Volunteers
    Submit volunteer and/or item donation needs for your organization to be posted on United Way's Volunteer Hub and promoted through our communications channels. Also be sure to submit a project for our annual May of Caring and Day of Caring volunteer events.
  • Run a Campaign
    As a United Way of Franklin County partner, your organization is encouraged to run an internal workplace giving campaign to provide your employees the opportunity to give to the causes they care about. Employee participation is always voluntary. Find campaign resources and more information about how to run a workplace campaign: Our staff team is here to help make your workplace campaign as easy AND impactful as possible. Contact Kelly Frazer to get started: 717-262-0015 ext. 202
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