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Why Give to United Way's Campaign?

Executive Director Amy Hicks explores the importance of collective impact to make a difference.

Amy Hicks, Executive Director of United Way of Franklin County, volunteers at the Boys & GIrls Club of Chambersburg/Shippensburg. Photo Credit: Phillip Whitley, MrPhab Photos.

Why does United Way of Franklin County fundraise? Simple. We're mobilizing the caring power of our community to support outreach to over 22,000 Franklin County citizens through our nearly 30 Program Partners.

These are local programs committed to improving quality of life for people who live here. The programs connect families to early learning, help build financial stability and literacy, and improve health. Our programs provide measurable outcomes, demonstrating their commitment to the best interests of people being served. When you give to United Way of Franklin County, your investment spreads to support the work of these programs.

"In my thirteen years at United Way, I have consistently seen the best of this community through people who give generously of time and treasure to create lasting change for all of us," said Amy Hicks, Executive Director of United Way of Franklin County. "I see people put their personal agendas aside and find common ground to move forward together.

"I’m asking for your help and involvement because I see the difference we can make, right here in our community, when we come together." In 2018, United Way...

  • Provided scholarships for 16 children for the Tuscarora School District Pre-K Summer Program.

  • 15 families in this District found shelter in a United Way supported program, five of those were leaving an abusive situation. Families continue to seek our help.

  • Across the county, 69 families received counseling to help their child re-adjust socially after an adverse event, thanks to United Way supported programming.

  • We connected 30 individuals to basic literacy plus 20 more to training and work experience.

For every family we connect to services, we estimate there are three more seeking help.

These are just a few of the over 22,000 connections where United Way programs made a difference last year. But the sad reality is, for every family we connect to services we estimate there are three more seeking help. That is the reality of our work and the resources available versus the needs of our neighbors.

Which is why we need your help. Please support the work of United Way and our program partners across the county. Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Any way you can support these important efforts is going to contribute to a stronger, more vibrant community where we are all working together to help our neighbors.

Please feel free to call our office if you have questions about how to give or be more involved: 717-262-0015.

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