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Moving on from 2020, looking to a better tomorrow

We're all ready to put 2020 behind us. We can have a fresh start. We must start today to make a better tomorrow.

2020 is a year we’ll never forget. We’ve faced challenges we never expected, overcome odds stacked against us, learned things we couldn’t have imagined, banded together on a scale we never thought possible. We appreciate the Franklin County community LIVING UNITED through this overwhelming year, answering the call when we needed you the most.

Through it all, we have continued to improve lives and advance the common good–while ramping up our efforts to address a huge increase in need. We have seen UWFC staff, donors, volunteers, and our entire community step up in an unprecedented way. With your help, we supported those devastated by the pandemic. Together, we:

We all want to put this year behind us. The unfortunate reality is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will change our world for years to come. Many of our neighbors find themselves in need more than ever before. The hardships have taken a toll on many.

The good news is we can start fresh. We must start today.

Join all of us here in Franklin County as we reimagine a future that is better than yesterday. A tomorrow full of hope, of possibility, of action. A tomorrow where everyone in Chambersburg, Waynesboro, Fannet-Metal, Mercersburg, Greencastle, Mont Alto, St. Thomas, and everywhere in between can have a safe home, a secure future, and a fresh start.

To reach that new tomorrow, we need every single one of us to act today. Help us get there by making a gift to United Way of Franklin County at

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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