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Crisis Response Fund

The MISSION of the Community Crisis Response & Recovery Fund is to aid families and individuals with unmet needs during an unexpected crisis causing critical impact in Franklin County, PA.

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total funds raised to-date and recognition of crisis fund donors


the programs that have received support to-date

 Kids with  Masks



Join us in serving the immediate unmet needs of our neighbors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your donation will provide relief to those left vulnerable in Franklin County during these unprecedented times. 



United Way of Franklin County is committed to standing with our community and supporting those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Together, we will overcome this pandemic by making sure the most vulnerable among us are protected. View more about our relief efforts in this press release.


Who will benefit from the Community Crisis Response & Recovery Fund? 

People in Franklin County who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are in need of assistance for basic needs from a local organization. These needs may include food, shelter, child care, rent assistance, utility assistance, medical assistance, or other unmet basic needs.

Is this fund local to Franklin County, PA?

Yes, this fund is 100% focused on Franklin County and will be distributed to benefit neighbors in our community.

I am a person in need, how can I receive assistance?

If you are in need of assistance, contact 211 for referral to the best local resources to fill your need. There are three ways to connect: 

  • Dial 2-1-1 (due to high call volumes please anticipate a wait time)

  • Text your zip code to 898211

  • Visit


I am a nonprofit organization, how can I receive funding?

If you are a nonprofit serving Franklin County residents impacted by the pandemic through services providing basic needs – such as food, shelter, child care, transportation, and medical assistance – you may request an application by emailing Organizations should be able to provide documented evidence that funds are supporting impacted families in our community. If you are in need of volunteer help you can submit your volunteer needs to be added to our volunteer page. Visit our Nonprofit COVID-19 page for more resources and information.

Who decides which organizations receive funding?

A crisis fund review committee consisting of local community members will review each application for funding consideration.

How will funds be distributed?

Funds will be distributed in an immediate and ongoing basis as long as the need exists in the wake of this crisis and funds are available. United Way of Franklin County will monitor the needs and requests with assistance from the crisis fund review committee.

I want to help our community, how can I contribute?

In addition to donating to the fund, if you are healthy and willing to volunteer your time there are many community volunteer needs to be filled during this pandemic. Some can be done from your home, and others out in the community. View current needs on our Volunteer webpage.



Thank you to the 258 individuals and businesses who have come together to support our community through the crisis fund (as of 11-11-20). You are all community heroes!


Special thanks to William & Diane Nitterhouse and FirstEnergy, whose contributions are helping to support United Way operations so that 100% of crisis fund donations can be distributed to local programs.


Total Raised: $104,465

Every dollar counts! To join this team of contributors, donate here.


$20,000 and up

F&M Trust

$5,000 - $9,999

M&T Bank

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

$2,500 - $4,999

Patriot Federal Credit Union

Truist (formerly BB&T)

Michael Shone

Ventura Foods

$1,000 - $2,499
Kristen Ann

Mr. & Mrs. George P. Buckey

Kim Crider
Jim and Jean F. Dr. Druckenbrod

Eileen Finucane and Dale Stouffer
William and Elizabeth George
Hank and Jan Guarriello
Hagerstown Canteen Service, Inc.
Bonnie L. Harmon
Robin Harmon
Barbara Jones
Cheri Kearney

Mark D. Miller
Marjorie Smith Leyh
Charles Schlichter, Jr.
Patricia J. Schweitzer
John and Pauline Shearer

Larry and Mary Alice Stoops

Dustin and Amy Weibley

Wellspan Health
Phyllis C. Wertime

$500 - $999

Thomas and Pam Anderson
Julia H. Anliker
Kay L. Bender
Bradley Bolinger

C. Clint and Mary Bolte
Craig Cordell
Phil and Kathy Cosentino
DiLoreto, Cosentino & Bolinger PC

Denis and Theresa DiLoreto
Gregory and Debi Duffey
Exchange Club of Chambersburg Foundation
Toni and Jodi Forrester
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gill
Hugh Kutz
Barbara S. Leiter

Sreenath Manickom
Marquette Associates

Margaret L. McCleary

Gary and Donna Meyers
Jonathan and Angela Miller
Jon T. Pearson
Richard Rotz
Willy Ann Rudolph
Kristina A. Sempowski

St. John's United Church of Christ
Joseph and Elizabeth Statler

Mark Swartz
John and Carol Van Horn

Cynthia Wolf

$125 - $499

Roger and Ruth B. Benedict

Alson & Jeanne Bohn

James A. Brinson
Buchanan Lioness Club

Dawn Buckner

Christopher and Barbara Buhrman

John and Olivia Byam

Melvin Cwikiel
Gary L. Daugherty
Roseann Davidyock

Mike Doncheski

Susan B. Etter
Oliver and Patricia Goetz
Greencastle Lions Club

Sandy Grotberg

Ann Haugh

Leslie Hanks
Audrey K. Harniman
Robert G. Harrison
Charles and Pam M. Hart

R.D. and Pollyanna Hess

Kermit and Clarisse Hicks

John B. Hostetler

Pam Johns

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Jones

Charles and Gertrude Kamp
Linda Lake

The Lehman Family Foundation
Marjorie Smith Leyh

Lynn Y. MacBride

Douglas and Laura Martzluf

McCleary Oil Company

Park Avenue Pharmacy

Roger J. and Anne B. Robertson

L. Michael Ross

John and Barbara Rotz
Bianca Shaffer

Patricia and Karl Shreiner
R. Noel Spence
F. Lucille Stence
Paul and Jane Stockhausen

J. Stanley Stratton

Elliott Sulcove

Martha B. Walker, Esq.

James and Linda C. Zeger


Dr. Francis Achampong

Harold H. Angle

Bonnie Bachtell

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Baer
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Beard
Jane Biesecker
William J. Bresnahan
James R. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde M. Burkholder
Conway and Linda Bushey
Tony and Nancy Colangelo
Patricia and Lou Connell
Angelo J. Costanzo

Brianne Dickinson

George and Ruth Dopp

Skip Elliott

Mike Engle
e-LYNNX Corporation
Anne and Brendan Finucane
John H. Gates
Lyle and Pat Geiger
Paul R. Gingrich
Lois B. Gonder
Courtney J. Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Grandel
Janet Happel

Dana and Ginny Harriger

Stephen Hawbaker
Linda L. Jansen

Kurt Johnson
Ray Kauffman
Sherri Keebaugh

Joseph & Janice Kohler

Lucy S. Konetschni
Terry and Twila Lautenslager

Joseph and Patricia Makosky

Richard and Penny Marks

Theresa May
Ray McKenzie

Bill and Sue McLaughlin

Barbara Montgomery
Debbie Ott
Johnny D. Parson
Janet Pollard

Dorothy M. Poulin
Lynda H. Pound
Marilyne H. Pritchard
Robert Proctor

Lois Redding

Chris and Bea Renner

Richard and Nancy Roschli
Nancy D. Ruiz

Marissa Schmehl

Robert C. Schollaert

Cindy Shoemaker

Robert E. Small
Celeste Snavely

Susanne Sponseller
Eunice Statler
Don A. Stauffer

Edward Straley

Barbara Townsend

Connie Twedt

Deborah Weibley

David Wenerd
Stephen and Phyllis Willette
James and Mary Louise Woolf

$99 and under

Robert E. Archibald
John and Peggy E. Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Baker
William Bartmess

Robert S. Benchoff
Ralph Brandt

Heather Brindle
Michael and Elizabeth Buhrman

Janaina Carignano

D. Carney

Eugene M. Cline

Rick and Deana Cordell
Max E. Creager
Cora Crider
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Crist

Glenn and Bernice Crouse

Pete and Alison D. Dagnes

William and Rena Dempsey
Emily L. Dentler
Reginald H. Diller

Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Drake
Doris E. Dull

Marylue Durff

Scott Fish
Betty J. Fisher

Sandy Fisher
D. D. Fowler
Anne Gale

Cheryl and Kenneth Gochal
John and Joyce S. Good

Imre and Marion Gyorgy
Dick and Bev Hajek
Pat and Carla Haller

Amanda Hann
E. Jane Harrelson

Kevin Hernandez

Amy Herrold

Mike and Amy Hicks

Paul G. Kaiser, Jr.
Barbara Kelly

Catherine Kelley

Lacey Kipe

Pete and Kay Lagiovane

Brandi Marian
Beatrice F. Maslen

Dorothy E. McCoy
Leanna R. McGrail

Tom Meade
Joyce M. Mentzer

Ruth H. Metz

Camilla Misner
Sondra L. Monn
Alice B. Mower

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mull

Gary and Daphne Murray

Morgan Neuburger

Shelley Noelle
Joan Norcross

Donna Ocker
Tom and Carol Orndorf

AJ Pehala

Dennis Pennett

Patrick Pierce

Rochelle Plummer
Bonnie L. Rabold

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rundle
Paul E. Rodgers

Benjamin Roy

Terry Shade

Penny Shaul
Martha L. Shifflett

Megan Shreve

Traci Spearly

Gregory and Cynthia St. Clair

Marlin Statler
Charles L. Stefanic, Jr.

Nathan Strayer

Diane Strock

Robert & Bonita Thomas

Sandy Thomas

Patricia Vanscyoc

Gracie Waller

Kathy Weaber

Joann Williams

Frances A. Williamson

Kathryn White

Phillip Whitley
Bonnie Zehler

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These nonprofit organizations serving Franklin County residents applied to receive crisis funds for their rapid response to serve unmet basic needs during COVID-19. They were reviewed by a volunteer committee comprised of community members and subsequently approved for support through the fund. Applications for funds from nonprofits are received and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Total Distributed to Date: $74,882 

Chambersburg Memorial YMCA

Amount: $11,000

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Chambersburg YMCA has provided childcare for our
community's essential front-line personnel. Funds will be used to purchase supplies for the participants as well as thermometers, sufficient PPE equipment and cleaning supplies to met CDC cleaning requirements. It will also support renting of additional space, filling the increased financial support to participants, and increased expenses to maintain staff requirements.

South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP)

Amount: $10,000

The increase in need for food coupled with the high demands for food supplies from the Central PA Food Bank has brought new challenges, and SCCAP is working to ensure no one in our community goes hungry. Funds will be used to purchase food from the Central PA Food Bank, when it is available, and from restaurant supplies, warehouses, and local businesses to fill the food gaps. The SCCAP food pantry in Chambersburg as well as its affiliate food pantries in Fayetteville, Greencastle, Orrstown, St. Thomas, and Waynesboro will all benefit from this funding.

Waynesboro Community & Human Services - Emergency Housing

Amount: $9,100

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, need has doubled for emergency financial assistance to keep housing, especially in Waynesboro where over 51% of our neighbors are identified as ALICE families. WCHS's currently implemented homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing program will increase capacity by 100% to better serve emergency need during the COVID-19 pandemic. WCHS's emergency financial assistance program helps families stay in their homes by helping pay rent, utilities, and security deposits.

Keystone Rural Health Center

Amount: $5,260

Through Keystone Health's current COVID-19 testing program and geo-mapping the positive results, they have identified a hot-spot of coronavirus activity in the downtown Chambersburg area. They have opened up a COVID testing site at 51 S. Main St. These funds will be used to provide downtown residents with masks, hand santizer, and other critical resources to help mitigate the spread of the virus and protect citizens living in this hot-spot.

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank (CPFB)

Amount: $5,000

Initial reports show that the need for food resources in Franklin County increased 23% from February 2020 to March 2020 alone. As of April 27, CPFB distributed 48% more food in April 2020 than they did in April 2019. To meet the increased need safely, CPFB is building and shipping thousands of prepacked boxes of healthy shelf stable food, bags of produce, dairy, and meats, all at no cost to partner agencies, so that they can focus on safely distributing food to clients while minimizing the risk of disease transmission. Each crisis response box costs $16 and feeds a family of three for half a week. These funds will be used to pack and distribute 312 boxes, feeding 937 food insecure Franklin County residents.

Waynesboro Community & Human Services - Food Resources

Amount: $4,500

COVID-19 has dramatically increased the need for WCHS's food bank (need has increased 50%) and backpack program (participants have more than doubled). Both programs have also undergone adaptions in delivering the program, including an online food pantry order form, curbside pick up and delivery, and income requirements have been waived for those who have lost jobs due to COVID-19. Crisis funds will support the increase in need to ensure families are fed and nourished. 

Roxbury Holiness Camp

Amount: $4,400

Funds will purchase food and supplies for the free curbside community meal service happening twice a week, as well as a free Senior Cafe dining option to help meet the social needs as well as food insecurity issues of our senior population.

Fresh Express / Helping Hands Grocery Delivery

Amount: $4,250

Funds will help purchase food for the Fresh Express Food Pantry through he Franklin County Housing Authority (FCHA) to help meet increased demand. Additionally, FCHA and Chambersburg YMCA have partnered to create a program called the Helping Hands Grocery Delivery Program, which provides grocery deliveries to those at higher-risk of catching COVID-19 who may not be able to do so on thier own due to safety concerns.

Renewing Hope Ministries

Amount: $4,000

Funds will help provide shelter, food, medical and dental attention, transportation to appointments, job training, group therapy, individual counseling, clothing and personal items to women at Renewing Hope Ministries who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Noah's House

Amount: $3,660

Noah's House and Gracie's Place provides addiction recovery residence and support. Emergency funds will contribute to the purchase of basic food and daily living supplies for the homes, including supplies to mitigate the spread of the virus (i.e. face masks, hand sanitizers and other disinfectant supplies). Funds will also help cover monthly rent, a shortfall caused by the need to convert existing bed rooms into an “isolation room” in each recovery residence per CDC guidelines.

Keystone Human Services

Amount: $3,646

Keystone Human Services provides care and support to individuals with intellectual disabilities. To continue providing vital support services while protecting the health and well-being of clients and staff, these funds are being used to support grocery bills (which have increased with individuals staying home more), to equip each home with an emergency medical supply kit, and to bolster work hours for the essential employees caring for clients in their programs and homes. 

Franklin County Literacy Council

Amount: $3,000

Funds will support continued online training and online resources for students. Adults in our community who need improved reading, math, English language, and digital literacy skills may be severely impacted by job loss or lack of ability to qualify for limited job openings. These services support these essential communication and comprehension skills, without which their chance for financial stability may diminish further. Additionally, literate parents at home support literacy and learning for their children at home during online/blended schooling schedules.

Valley Ministries Food Pantry

Amount: $1,700

Funds will support food distribution through the Valley Ministries Inc. food pantry, primarily serving the Dry Run area. This will cover the cost of approximately 2 months worth of food distribution for an average of 60 families per month.

New Hope Shelter

Amount: $1,350

Funds will be used to provide food, clothing, and housing for homeless men, women, and children living in Franklin county. It is expected that there will be a significant rise in the number of homeless households in July once the restriction on evictions is removed. The pandemic caused many people to be unemployed and they will be evicted for not paying their apartment rent.

Franklin County 4-H Therapeutic Riding Center

Amount: $1,040

The Therapeutic Riding Center provides recreation and therapy through horsemanship to persons with special needs. Due to the pandemic, the center had to cancel two major fundraiser events and suspend all lessons. Emergency funds will be used to feed the 10 therapeutic horses and support essential staff taking care of the horses during the mandated shut-down, so lessons and therapy can continue once the organization reopens.

Contact Helpline

Amount: $1,026

PA211 is the 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline. During COVID-19, PA211 has seen a steep increase in callers and demand for services. To support this increase in need, funds will be used to cover the expenses for more staffing to answer calls and expand their texting service.

Lower Path Valley Presbyterian Church

Amount: $850

Funds will be used to provide food and fuel to families needing assistance in primarily the Path Valley area.

Calvary Bible Church of Greencastle

Amount: $600

Funds will be used to procure essential food supplies from the Harrisburg Food Bank for the month of May 2020 and then distribute items via the Storehouse Food Pantry to needy community residents that are suffering financially from the crisis.

Children's Aid Society

Amount: $500

These funds are supporting the cost for Zoom-HIPPA compliant software to provide continuation of care for children and families through 'Tele-Health'. This involves the use of therapy and secure internet platforms to create techniques such as drawing, painting, and play virtually to help children express themselves creatively and examine the psychological and emotional undertones. 

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