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The Power of ALICE®

Meet Franklin County ALICE Families

The Power of ALICE photography exhibit, a partnership between United Way of Franklin County and Phillip Whitley of MrPhab Photos, tells the story of our neighbors who working and contributing to our community, yet struggle month-to-month to meet their most basic needs. 


Based on the ALICE Report, 1 in every 5 households in Franklin County are ALICE. One in every five families in our community are working hard, giving back, yet don’t know if they can put dinner on the table every night for their family. This begs the question, without ALICE - approximately 1/5th of our population - what would our community be like? This is the Power of ALICE.

Flip through the gallery below to meet Melissa, Nick, and Ahjah. These are snapshots from the lives of three ALICE families in our community - three out of 18,294 Franklin County households that are not making ends meet. 

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