Dance-off Challenge

United Way Dance-off Challenge

Our 2021 Campaign Chairs are issuing a challenge to the Franklin County community... Dance for a cause!

In celebration of Giving Tuesday on November 30, United Way will host a virtual Dance-off Challenge. Groups that wish to participate may record and submit a video dancing (and lip-syncing, if desired) to a song clip of their choice - keeping it family friendly! Deadline to submit videos is November 12. See below "Dance-off Challenge - Steps to Submit" for more details on participating.


This is great for employers to get a group of co-workers together, or a family to show-off their coordinated dance moves, or a friend group to prove to their parents how their TikTok dance videos aren't a waste of time! 


Dance-off Challenge videos will premiere on Giving Tuesday, and voting will open that same day. Everyone is welcome to vote as many times as they wish for their favorite Dance-off video at $1 per vote. All of the money raised through voting will benefit over 25 local programs through the United Way Community Impact Fund.


The winning dance team will be selected based on which video receives the most votes between November 30 and December 6. The winner will receive bragging rights and a special treat for all winning video participants. 


Are you ready to accept the challenge to support our community? Here's how you can join in:

  1. Record a video 2 minutes or less of your "team" (co-workers, friends, family, etc.) dancing to the song clip of your choice.

    • Please make sure the music and dance moves are family-friendly.

    • Keep the video under 2 minutes.

  2. Send the video to by 5pm on Friday, November 12. Because of file size you may need to send via a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

    • ​By submitting your video, you give United Way of Franklin County consent to post your video to our social media channels and website.

  3. Keep an eye out on Giving Tuesday (November 30) for the premiere of your dance-off video on our social media channels, as well as this page of our website. 

    • SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!​ Asking people to vote for your video!

    • Voting will commence for the next week; Viewers can vote for their favorites as many times as they wish, spending $1 per vote.

  4. Voting will end at 11:59PM on Monday, December 6. You can stay tuned that week for when the winning team is announced.


  • November 12 - Dance-off Contestant Videos DUE; Send a link to download your video file submission to

  • November 30 (Giving Tuesday) - Dance-off Videos PREMIERE and VOTING BEGINS!

  • December 6 at 11:59PM - Voting ENDS

Beginning November 30, you can VIEW and VOTE for your favorite Dance-off Challenge video(s)!

  • Vote as many times as you like from November 30 - December 6

  • Votes are $1 each ($5 minimum total for credit card processing).

  • All money raised will be used to benefit local programs through United Way of Franklin County's Community Impact Fund.

  • Voting ends at 11:59PM on Monday, December 6.

  • (voting is not available yet) CLICK HERE TO VOTE

About the Campaign

United Way of Franklin County's annual Community Campaign runs from September through March. You can impact the entire community with a gift through United Way. Your dollars go further with our collective impact to touch lives across the county, supporting over 25 local programs.


Plus, you can have confidence in your giving! When you give to the Community Impact Fund, 100% of your dollars stay right here in Franklin County to bolster programs serving health, early learning, and financial stability needs of our neighbors. United Way works with these programs to track success stories, evaluate outcomes, and adjust as needed to enhance effectiveness. Get involved today!

Watch last year's Dance-off contestants...



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