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Winter Food Drive Goes Virtual

January 18 - February 8

You Click. Families Eat.

Make a monetary donation to support local food pantries and help feed families in Franklin and Fulton counties. 

The 2021 Winter Food Drive has completed. Stay tuned for the final tally!

Wonder exactly how far your dollar can go when you donate money to a food pantry?

Take a look at our infographic, which compares what $43 will buy you at a grocery store vs. a food bank.


Spoiler Alert! Your dollar will go much further with monetary donations to a food pantry because pantries can purchase from food banks for better-than-wholesale prices.

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By donating funds to the Winter Food Drive, you are helping food pantries:


1. Buy food in bulk quantities at less-than-wholesale prices. In other words, your dollar goes WAY further to provide MORE food for families. The $1 you spend on one can of green beans can provide up to six full meals through a monetary food drive.


2. Fill the gaps on their shelves with essentials to provide more nutritious options. One pantry may have 50 bags of rice, and another may have only five. The virtual food drive allows each pantry to purchase food they need to offer variety for the families they serve.

3. Purchase perishables that can't be donated in traditional food drives such as bread, milk, eggs, and meats. Everyone donates a box of mac-and-cheese for food drives, but what about the milk and butter that are needed to make the meal? These essential perishables help families complete any and every meal.

COVID-19 Safety: In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, it is unsafe and inefficient to accept food donations. Therefore, the Winter Food Drive will collect only monetary donations. You can donate online or by mailing a check to United Way of Franklin County, 182 S. Second St., Chambersburg, PA 17201. Thanks for understanding.

Special thanks to our Winter Food Drive Sponsor:

Food Delivery

You Click. Families Eat.

Donations to the Winter Food Drive will benefit 14 pantries serving families right here in Franklin and Fulton Counties. Help meet the increased need for food:


Many food pantries and other community programs are in need of assistance. Learn about local volunteer opportunities for more ways you can give back.

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